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What is a tugboat? a towboat? Not sure, this is the place to find information....

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Please note that TES does not maintain or have access to personnel records of tug companies for historical research on their past employees. We are not aware of any group or agency that has any archive of such records at this time. We also do not maintain any records tracing vessel name changes and registrations, other than information contained in the Carl Wayne database accessible from the menu on the left of the page. For that type of information we recommend you contact the United States Coast Guard.

Articles Tugboats and Towboats (START HERE)
About What You See, What You Don't See
Tugboats Definitions - Abbreviations
And Docking Tugs
Other Harbor Tugs (article needed)
Marine Canal Tugs (article needed)
Topics Railroad Tugs
  Notch Tugs and Articulated Tug-Barge ATB
  Modern Ocean Towing Tugs
  Traditional Seagoing Tugs
  U.S. Military Tugboats -US Army
  U. S. Coast Guard Tugs
  Tugboat Tour (Lehigh Valley Railroad Tug)
Articles Steam Tug Machinery
Related Diesel Tug Machinery
Marine Diesel Engines - Winton 129-6
Marine Marine Diesel Engines - Cooper Bessemer LS
Engines Marine Diesel Engines - Detroit Diesel 71
Steam Marine Diesel Engines - FM 38D-8-1/8
And Marine Diesel Engines - Enterprise
Diesel Marine Diesel Engines - EMD 645/710
  Marine Diesel Engines - EMD 567 Series
  Marine Diesel Engines - EMD Publications
  Marine Diesel Engines - INSIDE EMD Program
  Marine Diesel Engines - Cleveland Diesel 278A
  Marine Diesel Engines - ALCO Model 251
Technical Future Fuels
Gallery Some Special Features.....
  Art by Steve Cryan
  Photography by Preston Cook
  Remembering New York Central #16
  The World Trade Center and Tugboats
Stories NHRR tug Bumblebee - Aug, 2007
Events Waterford Tug Roundup
Documents Nautical Gazette
Models Tug Models - Part One
and Tug Models - Part Two
Cutaway Diesel Engine Scale Models and Miniatures
Engines Cutaway Engines and Engine Components
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Gathering maintained to give you a look at our activities.
Events The "Gatherings" are an occasional event.
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And 2007 Waterford, New York
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Hugh Book Reviews - Part One
Ware's Book Reviews - Part Two
Pages Book Reviews - Part Three
 Virginia Thorndike - On Tugboats

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